Fahombo Batu (Stone Jumping) - Unique culture in Nias (Indonesia)

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Fahombo Batu / Stone Jumping Nias is unique attractions are a stone jump performed by a man dressed in local custom. heap of stones which have jumped more than 2 meters high. Heap of stones shaped like a pyramid with a height of about two meters are usually traversed by a man dressed in a full custom. Unhindered by fear, he was flying high jump over the pile of stones. Fahombo tourism is one mainstay of the island of Nias.

As well as the beautiful beaches, the island is still keeping many other hidden wealth. Centuries ago, the island of Nias is located west of Sumatra, made up of several areas ruled by the landlord or the warlords as a high noble, noble status was not a position that is inherited from generation to generation, but the position that they get with a party host or owasa community.

The more often they hold owasa then the eternal and the higher the position they are in the publics, for the cost of hosting a party, they get from a large booty of war. To win the war, the nobles would need the backing of powerful forces, so that at a certain time they open up opportunities for young men to become soldiers. For men at that time, a soldier or member of the defense forces is an honor, earning a better than ordinary people and future opportunities to make their good fortune when a nobleman, achieved the glorious position as well.

Determining whether or not a man worthy of being a soldier, not only determined by the ability of the standard, or just the physical form of martial arts and sciences black, but the final determination, they are tested must be able to jump over a 2.3 m-high stone structure, without touching surface at all. Of course, should perform sacred rituals before skipping stones.

In the later period, fahombo (Stone Jumping) a shift function, the event is held in a special selection and lasted so festive, as if a festival, people flocked from far away to watch the young men showed his skill with each other and trying to jump over rocks the most good. For the girls this event is an arena praised the men's dream and also vice versa, for men who pass the test soon became the idol of girls.

For those who already have a candidate, soon he proposes to her choice, which still singles have a great opportunity get a wife. So fahombo (Stone Jumping) finally shifted its meaning, as if implying anyone who managed to jump over the stone structure to be called adults and deserve to get married. Fahombo (Stone Jumping) now become a tourist attraction and not only do young man, even a decrepit old man can even jump. Fahombo (Stone Jumping) also no longer be an excellent selection of men's dream.

Until now, the tradition fahombo (Stone Jumping) still an interesting attraction in the Nias Islands. If you want to try to jump over the pyramid-shaped rock is not free. You can try to jump over the stone at a cost of one hundred thousand dollars or about $ 12.

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