Tari Barong - Bali, Indonesian Traditional Dance

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Barong Dance is Uniqueness one of the unique dance from Bali-Indonesia, like a Tari Kecak. which is pre-Hindu cultural heritage. The word comes from the word "bahruang" barong which means the animals "beruang" (bear), is an animal mythology that has supernatural powers, is regarded as an animal protector.
In its development, then barong in Bali is not only manifested in the four-legged animals but some are two-legged, as for other types of barong in Bali are:

a. Barong Ket (ketet) this is the most widely available in Bali and the most frequently performed and have the kind of repertory dance movement is complete.
Ketet Barong is a mix between a lion, tiger, cow or bona. Barong body is decorated with carvings is made from leather, glass and feathers attached made from "braksok", fibers or also from the crow-quill.
In barong dance is carried by two dancers called the "juru saluk" or "saluk Bapang". The play is generally describes the struggle between virtue / goodness and badness / evil.

b. Barong Bangkal mean old big old pig, barong it resembles a wild pig or boar called barong barong bangkung.

c. Barong Asu it resembles a dog, especially his mask, very sacred temple and there in the top Dawa Baturiti Tabanan

d. "Barong Gajah", barong-like elephants, very sacred and one of them located in the Village Singapadu.

e. "Barong Macan", it resembles a tiger, in the play danced by two dancers, and there is also equipped with a sort "Dramatari Arja", gambelan used gambelan accompaniment is Batel.

f. Barong Landung, This barong is different from that mentioned above. Barong Landung his form of early humans but not animals. In general Landung barong was made in pairs, consisting of the "Ratu Lanang" (Male Barong Landung) and "Ratu Luh" (Female Barong Landung). Barong is called such because of its large and high (like ondel-ondel in Jakarta). Ratu Lanang very scary face, black face, his teeth out. While the Ratu Luh old female, like chinese women.

g. Blasblasan barong, this barong is also called "kedingkling", barong blasblasan is a form of staging is done ngelawang, dancers wearing only a masks "wayang wong" play footage with excerpts from the "Ramayana story" which generally is a battle scene. Barong is a lot in the show on the day of Galungan and Kuningan day and usually the dancers are children.

Besides the types mentioned above barong, there are also other types of other such barong Barong Brutuk, located in the village Trunyan (a small village just off the east of Lake Batur). Brutuk Barong, wearing feathers that have been dried banana leaves (Kraras) and very sacred by the villagers Trunyan. This is a kind that is widely available in the Tabanan area that is usually performed at the "Ngaben Ceremony").

Barong dance is one of the traditional Balinese dances are sacred. Usually the dance is performed in a particular place, but recently barong dance was held at Kuta Beach and attract local and foreign tourists. This is what the enthusiastic tourists including foreign tourists during the traditional art show at Kuta Beach in Bali.

Moreover performed is classified as sacred barong dance. Performing arts dance opens with Sekar Jagad or dance of welcome. Four young dancers "melenggak - lenggok" carrying offerings. This opening dance goes directly to the main dance of the Barong Dance.

In this dance tells the battle between good symbolized by the Barong, and evil symbolized by Rangda. In this battle, Rangda can be beaten by the Barong's guards using weapons "Keris".

By this Keris also an audience made surprise. The guards barong own body piercing action called "Ngurek". Action ngurek barong dance is sacred peak. That said, the dancers are possessed by supernatural powers so it does not hurt when dagger stabbed in his body. Some tourists said he was happy and entertained with this barong dance performances. In the final stage, the dancers barong provide an opportunity for the audience to take pictures.

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